Friday, August 12, 2016

Selena Gomez's Ex Says He Still Loves Her

Selena Gomez’s rumored boyfriend Samuel Krost is confirming that he did in fact date the singer.

Samuel, who’s friends with Gigi Hadid, posted and then deleted an Instagram photo coming to the defense of the singer and giving her the credit for making him believe in love again.

“Although we have ventured on separate paths. At least I know that love exists,” Samuel wrote.

Though it was never confirmed by Selena, the two reportedly dated for a brief period earlier this year before quietly going their separate ways.

Recently the singer confessed that she would date a non-celebrity, but men are “terrified” of her. Perhaps Samuel feels that if Selena sees his message, he can be that non-celebrity she dates again.

After posting this message, he tagged her in the comments section, presumably so she would see it.

This is major! Although he deleted the post, fans were quick to catch on. Still, he's not the only one of Sel's exes to try to get her attention on Instagram. Remember when JB shared a throwback photo of them kissing? Despite all her old love interests shamelessly vying for her attention, she's just doing her thing.

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